Figure 1.4: Me

Figure 1.4: Me


Hey! It's Christian. I'm a designer but more than anything, a creative. I create. I love making stuff. I try to tinker with just about anything whether its on screen or in my hands. I recently took on learning to play piano to stretch my creativity a bit farther. 

I have a passion for leaving the world better than how I found it. You can find all of the clients I've worked with and projects I've worked on the "Work" page and some more outstanding pieces on my "Featured" page. I always want my gifts to truly be a gift to others.

I've been living in Atlanta going on 4 years now, having experienced the agency, client, and freelance life. I'm a student of my craft so the learning never stops but I am certainly not married to my work. I love experiencing life and community or exploring new ways to become involved in my Atlanta community.

I want to find a work community made up of not only talented people but also people who want to sharpen each other and who want to be involved in each other's life outside of work as well as in the office.